After a great 2 years in service to shelter dogs on the high kill list, Down East Dog Rescue has decided to close our operation for good. We have been blessed with the opportunity to save many dogs from being euthanized and enjoyed the opportunity to see them flourish in new loving forever homes.

Above all we have met many tireless rescue volunteers and learned many things:
We have learned that Pittbulls are an amazing, loving, smart and loyal breed with an unjust prejudice. We encourage you to do your own research and to read "Lost Dogs: the story of the rescue and redemption of Michael Vick's dogs"
We have learned that there are no bad dogs, just uneducated owners who need help. 
We have learned that there is no behavior issue that a great dog trainer and a determined owner can't fix. 
And finally we have learned that the average cost to rescue a dog is $400+ and that the public doesn't know or understand that rescuing dogs the right way doesn't make you a dime of profit. The adoption fees truly go to cover the steep costs of boarding, shots, neuter, transporting and medical issues. 
Lastly if you have a dog you cannot keep there are two options we would reccomend: 
1. Surrender to your local
2. Post on Craigslist and ask a local dog rescue to show you how to properly vet prospective owners. 
3. Never give a dog away for free, and never to someone who doesn't "have any money". If they can't afford an adoption fee, they can't afford to care for a dog.

Dog Training 
If you have behavioral dog issues, know that they are fixable. Find a trainer that only uses positive reenforcement and have a consultation before giving your dog away. 
We recommend Judy Moore, with Canine Behavior Counseling in Falmouth. 
Finally if you are looking to adopt, foster or volunteer with a rescue we recommend the following rescues:

1. Lucky Pup Rescue
2. The PixEL Fund
3. Under Hound Rescue